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Scottish Water

It is National Poetry Day Today. The theme this year is “Water”, so here’s a wee poem that’s wet through.


Rain (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Scottish Water

Haar fae the sea:
Hard tae see.
Ah mist hae missed oot
Wi aw the mist.

And eftir –
Aw smirry, so it wis:
Fine fine smirr,
Lik gossmirr
oan ma haun,
lik light lace.

An en it kim oan fir the day.

First, doon came the daurk:
Gret grey clouds sinkin,
Hinging heavy.

Grey fronds curlt oot –
Sheddin rain:

Chuckin it doon.
Big greasy drops.

Oan tappy ma heid,
Ah kid feel
Each cauld drop land,
Meltin in ma hair,
Drop by drop
Till Ahm drookit –
Soaked through tae ma bones.

An the morra?
Still oan,
But the place is aye green.


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8 thoughts on “Scottish Water

  1. Without the rain, where would all the verdant green be? I can picture the greens in my mind and they are all glistening green blades, shivering from the dampness. 🙂

  2. drookit–love that word! 🙂

  3. “gossmirr” – San, you’re a genius!

  4. I had to tell you.
    This made me smile.
    Quite loudly. 🙂
    Good work.
    Nay. Excellent work.

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