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What the world needs is another fabby faddy diet, so here’s mine…

English: Pringles chips (sour cream and onion ...

English: Pringles chips (sour cream and onion flavor) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Every year I go into some kind of food-intake-modification mode in November.

I call it “No-vember”.

This year for No-Vember, I am going to give up – as far as is possible – overly processed food; pop the Pringles out of sight, banish the spreadable butter, nuke those microwave meals: I’m going to be eating real food that looks like what it is.

Actual meat is okay, actual fruit, actual veg – that kind of thing. I’m envisaging a lot in the soup line and finally getting to grips with a wider range of curries from scratch.

It’ll be great.

Now, usually in No-Vember, I abstain completely from all sweets and chocolate – but I’ve decided that, this year, there is room for cakes, pies and biscuits – as long as we make them ourselves, out of actual ingredients.

That’ll never happen.

I like No-Vember to last six weeks, so actual November is too short (which is ironic as it is one of the longest months in the parenting calendar: not a single break), so I have commandeered the last week or so of October to get a head start on No-Vember.

So I am looking forward to breaking free from my weekly cycle of plastic microwave meals, trans-fat-tastic muffins, tastebud-trashing Doritos and my other unspeakable culinary vices.

I’ll be sad about the chocolate caramels, the Tunnock’s Caramel Wafers and the Caramel Digestives.

Caramelised onions are okay though…


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2 thoughts on “What the world needs is another fabby faddy diet, so here’s mine…

  1. You did great last year so I anticipate that you will go through No-vember without any hiccups. I’m sort of doing something similar, I have abstained from ice cream for the past two weeks. I am giving my arteries a vacation from the fats and sugars. I don’t have a specific time frame in mind, we’ll see. 🙂

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