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Great Scottish Run

Great Scottish Run (Photo credit: Ben Cooper)

I’ve entered the Glasgow Half Marathon which is next Sunday.

It’s near. It’s also far.

The Tough Mudder was eleven miles, with obstacles, so in the throes of my post-event endorphin high, I figured that that should equate to roughly thirteen point one miles, without the obstacles.

I guess we’ll see.

I haven’t managed a long run since Tough Mudder, just the thrice weekly training as usual, so I feel a bit underprepared.

On the upside, my main worry about it is boredom. Perhaps I should have applied for my first half marathon in some cool European city and had more of a ‘two birds: one stone’ superfast city tour.

But anyway. I figure that if my main concern is my familiarity with the architecture, I can’t really be that worried about the lack of long runs over the last month. I suppose it will be nice to see the Glaswegian landmarks flash past in a blur of steel.

My target time, I have decided, basing it on nothing but my one sub-hour 10k performance, is two hours and five minutes.

Immediately my brain starts to melt; I know I will, at some point this week, have to divide 13.1 miles by 125 minutes, work out how much that is per mile (feel free to do the math) and then calculate, given that I am starting at 11.10am, what times I should be screaming past the mile markers.  I’ll also need a watch. And a pen to write the schedule on my arm.

All this arithmetic, just so I won’t leave my fellow runners shivering in their shorts, waiting for me beyond the finish line.

From my end, as long as I make it, it’ll be a personal best.

Or, more accurately,  a personal ‘only’…


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5 thoughts on “Near and Far

  1. theotheri on said:

    I just did the math, and am gobsmacked! under 10 minutes a mile for over 13 miles even as a goal would be a trip into never-never land for me. (Well, I know, I do have a few decades on you, but even at your age, I didn’t come near that.)

    Best best best of luck.

  2. I am so in awe of you, I think that it’s wonderful that you strive to always do your personal best and shave off the time with each outing even if it does involve math. lol.:D

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