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Measure for Measure

“Success and Failure”: A Sonnet

Success is a sycophant; let me fail.
Today I would much rather hit that tree
Than peak and plunge in a glorious trail
Of certificates and evidence. Me?
I first want to hit the wall, then scale it,
Run until nothing is left in the tank,
Repeat and repeat and repeat – not quit,
Liquidate all things in every bank
And spend myself most luxuriously,
Until I reach the end of every pain
And seek out others, as I curiously
Find the point of failure the point of gain.
A face in the dirt, no more now to give
Knowing that this was how much I could live.


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3 thoughts on ““Success and Failure”: A Sonnet

  1. It sounds a bit as if someone is missign training and the feeling of accomplishment it gives. 🙂

    • Yes – I went this morning and it was tough – but I really enjoyed being pushed to the point of failure. Then I thought that that sounded like it made no sense, hence the poem.

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