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Free Sonnet

I couldn’t get this poem to format properly on WordPress. It didn’t like me adding white space. So, I’ve added a picture of how the poem is meant to look.

20130906-093601 PM.jpg

Free Sonnet

I like to hang
out on a limb sometimes;
Enjambement I’ve used to cut
my lines.
A poem’s ragged edge can be on form,
but sometimes I lament this is the norm.
A sonnet’s form requires the poet’s skill:
Sodoku for innumerates. I still
believe there’s value lining up five feet,
and hoping that the syllables will meet.
But free
is unbounded
the dangled words are much more clear
to see,
and savour
as they season
and infuse
the sense with connotations. Never lose
A nuance or an echo in the mind
We travel through the poetry to find.



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2 thoughts on “Free Sonnet

  1. This one is incredibly pretty, both in the way it reads and the way it sings to me. 🙂

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