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Green Fingers?

20130831-103915 PM.jpg

Can you guess which ones I grew myself, and which ones were grown and gifted to me by a neighbour?


My courgette harvest was something of, well, not exactly a disappointment, more of an expected poor outcome. I got one courgette that was pretty much like a courgette and three others that were… not.

I would have written a poem on this topic, but there’s not much that rhymes with “zucchini”. Just “martini” and, apparently, “insurance company”. “Courgette” would perhaps have had a little more milage, but by that time I was halfway through making soup, blending the variously sized local produce into one green and tasty pulp.

I had more success with my James Martin Blender this time. Managed to avoid that whole entire-worktop-disappearing-in-a-flood-of-ectoplasm as happened during my first soup-making attempt with the new blender. If you feel at all inadequate as a housewife, cook or launderer, please read this post which I promise will brighten your life. It was not one of my better days.

This was though. Looking forward to my soup tomorrow.


P.S. – Here’s a poem. It’ll have to do:

There once was a tiny zucchini

Who dressed up to have a martini

The drink that was wet

Was spilled by the courgette

Who was glad that she chose the bikini


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7 thoughts on “Green Fingers?

  1. I love the zuchinni in the bikini sipping its martini. I tried growing zuchinni years ago, it was a flop. I’m glad that the blender didn’t pull any funny business this time. 🙂

    • My parents have had great success with their courgettes this year, as has the guy next door. Mine were grown in tubs. Maybe I’ll have a more concerted effort next year.

  2. Houdini.
    Henry Mancini.
    Your zuke looked like some of mine. But your gifted one also looked like some of mine. We had all kinds. We’re rather all-inclusive over here. Sighs.

  3. theotheri on said:

    a teeny, blini, blue beanie, a wheelie, the meanie, our queenie, a wienie

    Unfortunately, I’m not creative enough to do anything with this. But you are!

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