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cadbury "double choc" chocolate &quo...

cadbury “double choc” chocolate “mini rolls” (Photo credit: osde8info)

I’ve run out of tea bags. And mini rolls. So my evening snack in front of a back episode of CSI is not what it might have been. How could I run out of tea bags?

Way, way back in the recesses of the tea bag cupboard, I managed to find some posh teas, in little sachets containing silk bags containing posh tea leaves. Tastes terrible. At least it’s not Earl Grey. It thinks it’s English Breakfast. Delusional.

So, that’s what happens when I work. Uncharacteristically I did a whole five days in a row last week. Just three days this week. Phew.

The last time I worked five days straight was about six years ago. By the fourth day, my children appeared to have nothing to wear and the house was chaos. So, last week – for my first week back – I was all set to maintain the laundry cycle, no matter what. The domestic chaos could happen. Which it did. But at least the children were appropriately clad…

I may have been able to keep the house ticking over, but it seems that it’s the shopping that has taken a bit of a hit.

So, it’s silk posh tea and a pitiful digestive.

But at least I’m getting paid!


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3 thoughts on “Back to work

  1. You are incredible! I mean that, working within the home is hard enough but couple that with a job, you are superwoman. I don’t miss my days of working outside the home at all, not one bit.

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