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I wonder if Miss Rabbit does childcare #peppapig

Peppa Pig

Peppa Pig (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

A duo of iPads are blasting out two different episodes of Peppa Pig. At least this time both episodes are in English.

My brain is scrambled. On the one hand, I love the show. In particular I love the character of Miss Rabbit who holds down an impressive amount of jobs. A real role model for the recession. I just wish Daddy Pig would SHAVE.

We had tantrum trouble in Sainsburys today. I thought we had passed that stage. Fleeces may be cute and fleecy but I am NOT buying fleeces in July! (Well, I might normally – but not THIS July…). Some people need to get over this. (And if they can’t, they’ll just be handed an iPad with Peppa Pig on it).

On a day you run out of milk, you shouldn’t attempt to go swimming to the local pool. If you can’t even make breakfast you are unlikely to cope coordinating an excursion that involves dampness, chlorine, pound coins, rubber wrist things, shampoo, towels, goggles, suspect smells in cubicles, conditioner, impenetrable adult to child ratio policies… Running out of milk is an indicator that you are not a high-functioning home-maker and activity facilitator. Give up. See Peppa Pig (and then see Peppa Pig).

Glad to say I managed to get milk in the midst of the Sainsbury fleece-based tantrum. Enjoying my tea now.

I’m hopeful for a thunderstorm in the next couple of hours so I can go jump in muddy puddles.

Here’s hoping I wake up as a model of efficiency in the morning.



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4 thoughts on “I wonder if Miss Rabbit does childcare #peppapig

  1. theotheri on said:

    Maybe we all had a day like that. I went to take my car in for its scheduled MOT and the battery was flat.

    Let’s hope a thunder storm clears our brains.

  2. I think that everyone or every mother has had one of those “milk” days, you however were courageous enough not to be daunted. I tip my cap off to you! 🙂

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