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Brace yourself

Stella Bonasera

You have been very patient.

You’ve had to suffer my musings on the pros and cons of abdominoplasty, my reflections on bikinis, my efforts to get fit and lose weight and to generally turn into Melina Kanakaredes… and STILL I find another quibble with my physical being…

It’s not that I walk like Rihanna. I have teeth like Madonna.

Madonna 3 by David Shankbone


Madonna’s teeth have got a bit of symmetry about them. Mine have a bit of asymmetry.

But they do have a gap.

I don’t think I can quite wedge a pound coin in it. I’m too scared to try in case it gets stuck there.

Not that I didn’t go though years of orthodontic treatment as a teenager: four teeth removed, train tracks and retainers – and for what? Eh… no idea. I don’t think it worked. If this is what they were aiming for, I think they overshot a bit.

Never mind.

“Man looks at the outward appearance; God looks at the heart” 1 Samuel 16 vs 7.

I asked my son if I should get my teeth fixed. He said I definitely should. But then he said:

“It’s the gap in your teeth that makes me know you’re my mum.”

So, I’m not saying I’m not maybe going to have some jiggery pokery in the cosmetic dentistry department at some stage, but maybe for now my tooth quirks will remain. I’d hate to derail my identity with traintracks.

And anyway, I’m in good company. Maybe I should simply aim for Jorja Fox instead of Melina Kanakaredes…

English: Actress Jorja Fox at 23rd Genesis Awa...

English: Actress Jorja Fox at 23rd Genesis Awards – Beverly Hills, California. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


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8 thoughts on “Brace yourself

  1. You’re getting super vain these days!

    Anyway the tooth gap is trendy the noo, models are having the gap ground in.

  2. Scotstig on said:

    Good Company……. My wife too……….. 🙂

  3. Laurie Nichols on said:

    At this stage I’m am simply aiming to keep my teeth in my head lol! You are beautiful just the way you are :).

  4. I’ve heard we can just wrap a rubber band around our teeth and draw them together, ourselves. That’s just for spare time, not for parties, etc. 😉

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