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A WeeScoop of Sunshine

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Ironic, isn’t it? I spend a week off the exercise, with laryngitis – googling health tips and resolving to “Eat less and exercise more” –  and then spend the following week eating substantially more and not exercising at all.

After a twelvemonth of pitiful weather we finally cracked and went to see the sun. It was still there. Still hot. I also enjoyed the opportunity to think “enervating”.

Some quotes from the children:

  • “The land looks really crusty.”
  • “Everyone in this pool is so Spanish.”
  • “Why do people in this country not eat breakfast?”

The books I read:

On the upside:

  • Full BBC coverage of Wimbledon with Andy Murray doing well.
  • So much delicious food I couldn’t believe it was happening.
  • Our chalet was near the “other” pool, so we didn’t have to suffer the “entertainment” at the main pool.
  • Sun.

Things I kept thinking over and over again:

  • “Everybody’s a nobody in a bikini” (from “Absolutely Fabulous”)
  • “You can’t argue with (insert name of food here, eg “grilled fish”, “paella”, “custard slice”, “apple tart”, “croissants”, “fried eggs”….)”
  • “Fear no more the heat of the sun” (from, I think Virginia Woolf?, and maybe Shakespeare?)

So, now I am back. My heid is mince and I’ve got laundry on my mind. Normal service will be resumed in the next couple of days. Then I might share with you “Ducky’s Adventure in Gran Canaria” or “’Entertainer’? I’ll be the judge of that!” or “Brutal wines of the Canaries” or “Oh for a decent cup of tea” or some other Gran Canaria based yarn.

In the meantime, I will eat less, exercise more and drink proper tea.


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12 thoughts on “A WeeScoop of Sunshine

  1. theotheri on said:

    In the meantime I too will eat less and exercise more. But being an American, I’m told I can’t make a “proper” cup of tea for love or money. So I will have a proper cup of coffee.

  2. Laurie Nichols on said:

    It sounds as if you and your family engaged in just what the doctor ordered, rest and relaxation with some good olf vitamin D thanks to the sun and yummy food. I ould be curious for a book review of the Private memoirs of the Justified Sinner. I like the phrase justified sinner, don’t know why. 🙂

  3. A break is good – nay, vital!

    Your kids quotes made me laugh.

    I don’t understand this at all: ‘My heid is mince’ What does it mean?

    • Heid is just head. Mince is a versatile word in scots. I usually use it when I am listening to some total junk being told to me by some lunatic in front of an interminable powerpoint. I invariably turn to my colleague afterwards and say “That was pure mince”. The same thing couldn’t be said of the Tesco fiasco.
      To have one’s head being mince is when one can’t think straight, such as when one steps off a four hour flight and decide to post about one’s holidays.

  4. I hope by now you’ve restored the tea balance! And i couldn’t stop myself from laughing at the “the people in this pool are so Spanish” (How? were they wearing flamenco outfits? Did the men sport polka-dot shirts?)

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