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Measure for Measure

… in which I visit “France”, Scotland and Utopia, all in the one day!

If my accent was right, I’d maybe sound like Sara Sidle/Jorja Fox. Or maybe a bit like Sarah Beeny. But iller.

I have gone mute for the evening. But I can still type. And here was my day:

Aujourd hui, mon fils a un café dans le ecole pour les parents. Pour un euro, Je  😳 … managed to … 😳 prenez un sandwich au fromage et un thé avec un peu du lait. Trés bien.

Then in the afternoon I did a spot of Scottish sunbathing – justified only by my being below par. Scottish sunbathing involves sitting out in the sunshine, then, when the cloud comes over, you whip out your hoodie and put it on and pretend you are not shivering, just until the sun peeks out the other side of the cloud and you go back to a little basking – all the while keeping an eye on the progression of the clouds so that you can factor in tea-making activities during the cloudy bits.

This relaxing “sunbathe” was not especially relaxing as I was prepping for a potentially difficult consumer moment. I was reading the Trading Standards FAQs and visualizing a variety of ways my attempt to get a refund/replacement  could go. None of my visualisations ended well.

In my memory I was drawn back to my only other ever consumer spat: the “Curtain Story” of 2006 … It was actually the curtain story that got me blogging first of all, back in the MySpace era – I was so … annoyed….

( I just went to MySpace and… my blog has disappeared!… Gutted… Luckily I rescued that “birth” post back in April. The “Curtain Story” is gone!)

However – this one went more like:

I said: “You were going to phone me with your decision?”

She said: “Yes. I’ll give you a new one. I am not happy about it and it was your fault, but I’ll give you a new one.”

Hey hey! Gotta be happy with that!

Right. Must go and root around in MySpace and see what they’ve done with my memories!


Sara Sidle

Sara Sidle (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


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2 thoughts on “… in which I visit “France”, Scotland and Utopia, all in the one day!

  1. Laurie Nichols on said:

    Bravo pour le francais! 🙂 Your poor voice, I do like Jorja Fox’s voice, it sounds very smart and attractive. Hers is natural, your’s is due to an illness so I feel bad for you.:( I like the Scottish sunbathing. 🙂

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