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…in which I plan on getting to grips with a pull up bar and try not to mention having a cold

A US Marine Doing Pull-ups.

A US Marine Doing Pull-ups. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I have borrowed a pull up bar and some weights. I have found a funny set of fitness YouTubes and have found a plan designed to let anyone build up to be able to do eight pull ups.

So I’m on the first phase where you just let yourself down gently from eight chin ups. Five times. Can’t wait to get started.

I’ve also borrowed some weights. My daughters (5 and 7) both independently hit out with comments like, “Why have you got these plastic weights? They’re really easy to lift,” and “These are quite light.”

So, I am looking forward to using them creatively. I have a vision of a wee circuit in the garden that I can do and then hare around the block in such a blur no one sees me and then do it again, for however many reps it takes me to feel sick.  It’ll be great.

Less great, I am missing my second training session as we speak, because of a half-hearted virus style vague illness. In my family, one is mercilessly mocked for classifying such ailments as worthy of mention, so I apologise at once for mentioning it.



Very frustrating.

But at least I can plan my circuit and watch YouTubes about pull ups.


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11 thoughts on “…in which I plan on getting to grips with a pull up bar and try not to mention having a cold

  1. Laurie Nichols on said:

    I admire your resolve so very much. What is it? Feed a cold and starve a fever or is it, starve a cold and feed a fever? Which ever it is, make sure to take care of yourself. How about some chicken soup. 🙂

    • I decided not to speak today. It has been odd being near mute. But I am about to go for a cup of tea with friends, so I don’t think I’ll be able to keep quiet, I suspect…

  2. I hate chin-ups. They always make me realise just how relatively weak my arms are – alternatively just how heavy my bum is. It must be the arms, right?

    • Oh – I can’t do chin ups… I’ve to use a chair, grab on and descend as slowly as I can.
      And yes, it is a motivator to lose weight – that’s the best way to improve one’s pull ups apparently.
      So I just went and bought wholegrain shredded wheat and skimmed milk. Yum….

  3. Please don’t exercise if you are not well!

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