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If you are going to have a mid-life crisis, you might as well have it while up to your neck in mud

Tough Mudder logo

Tough Mudder logo (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Having hit the running target, I was on the lookout for the next challenge.

We’ve now signed up for Tough Mudder in August – it’s a 10-12 mile course with ice, fire, water and electric shocks pepping up the twenty or so obstacles that lie between the start line and the pint, t-shirt, headband and “bragging rights” at the other end.

This is great as it is increased motivation to sustain the training – you see – having survived ‘moving up a group’ at the training, I was beginning to relax a bit and skip repetitions sometimes when I wasn’t looking…

So I’ll need to modify and crank up the training a bit. The electric shocks and ice and fire and obstacles don’t bother me – it’s the element of “swimming” through mud that might be a bit tricky as I am a fairly rubbish swimmer. So I will need to get down to the pool and build up my confidence and swimming stamina and, on the plus side, that can only help with my upper body strength as well.

The other main area for development is monkey bars. I was tempted to have a go outside the school today, but I didn’t have enough children as cover. Maybe later. Losing another (the very stubborn) 7lb will also help, I figure, as it’s half a stone less to suspend from the aforementioned monkey bars.

The Becky Bloomwood within is keen to get working out the optimal kit for the event – considering shoe grip versus buoyancy, fingered or fingerless gloves or no gloves? – and – at some point I’ll have to have a crisis about contact lenses.

The internet is filled with horror stories about lenses and the fact that they should not be worn in and around water – not even the shower – let alone in mud on some country estate somewhere.

But, if I don’t wear them…

I won’t be able to see.


And I can’t wear glasses. Velma doesn’t do mud running.

Velma has been laid to rest. (Daphne is still waiting in the wings for the 7lb to fall off and my hair to grow a foot and get dyed auburn).

So, very excited about the prospect of pushing myself beyond every kind of comfort zone ever designed.


Fancy it?


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8 thoughts on “If you are going to have a mid-life crisis, you might as well have it while up to your neck in mud

  1. Dorothy Russell on said:

    Not on your nelly!!

  2. theotheri on said:

    I’m impressed! (But not in the slightest bit tempted to join in…)

  3. I am in such awe and I most sincerely mean that. You are so cool. I would be concerned about the contact lenses as well if only with the mud part of the course. This is going to be quite an event and your ideas about the swimming pool and the monkey bars are very well thought out. Go to it and bring home victory! How’s that for some cheer leading from your loyal fan. 😀

  4. Cathy Baker on said:

    You will be up to it Sandra if Andrea and I have anything to do with the training plan! And we will-have lots of training ideas, starting with extending your long runs!!!

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