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Postaday 2011: Mo-Tea-Vation

The spammers are out to get me. They seem to have a penchant for this post in particular. Maybe they were watching that documentary by Victoria Wood and were put in the notion for a nice cup of tea. I certainly was.

Wee Scoops

I love tea.

The Daily Post asked “What non-exercise activity do you wish would keep you fit?”

I wish that drinking tea would keep me fit.

I love tea that is not any of the daft herbal, fruit or random teas. I like bog standard, “normal” tea. It has to be made with boiling water straight onto the tea bag in the teapot. It has to be left to infuse, then poured out and then milk added. The bigger and fresher the cup of tea the better.

Tea should be drunk on the hour every hour of the day: 7am to wake, 8am for breakfast, 9am when I arrive at work, 10am for a break.  11am for elevenses, and then at noon and 1pm for lunch, then at 2, 3 and 4 for afternoon tea, then at tea time, then during the six o’clock news, then a sly cuppa when…

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2 thoughts on “Postaday 2011: Mo-Tea-Vation

  1. theotheri on said:

    The spammers seem to have figured out how to get past the WordPress spam censor, so I suspect we may all be in this together. They seem to be wanting to share a cup of tea with you. The post they target on my blog is “The night I left the convent.” Somehow I don’t think they want us to say a prayer together, do you?

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