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Trying Not to Do Someone Else’s Homework

English: Hole in denim fabric Deutsch: Jeansst...

English: Hole in denim fabric Deutsch: Jeansstoff mit Loch (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

SOS has a project to do. It is a Denim Design Challenge.

We have had a wee brainstorming session and we are now entertaining visions of opening up a handicraft emporium…. 😉

Luckily it is his homework. I don’t do fabric.

There are some cute ideas online though – turning pockets into phone holders, purse and wee owls and stuff. I even had a real genuine idea! Draught excluder! I could be doing with one. (This is not a wish-list item. Please don’t take this as a gift hint). The lack of SPRING is getting to me.

I remembered that we have SOMEWHERE a whale made of denim… tee hee… he could take that in and claim that he ran it up himself…

SOS of course has come up with a perfectly sensible design board. We never got as far as cutting relevant swatches out of magazines. Or collaging with fabrics. But he has some diagrams and ideas. Phew.

I’d have liked to have recycled jeans when I was his age. But back in the day, we just bleached them, shredded them and wrote all over them, so they wouldn’t have been much use second time around…

And what with the carpal tunnel nonsense, I “can’t” sew unless it is an emergency.

And this emergency… isn’t mine.



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9 thoughts on “Trying Not to Do Someone Else’s Homework

  1. I like the pocket-to-phone holder idea! So glad you don’t have to do your children’s homework. 🙂

  2. Laurie Nichols on said:

    Isn’t it wonderful not to have homework. I am the least craftiest person in the world so I share your feelings. Your son seems to have it all under control which is fantastic for him and for you 🙂

  3. I remember turning jeans into shorts 🙂

    • Well done, TB. Very creative 😉
      Me too – during my student phase. Once any jeans wore through at the knees, they became shorts, until they disintegrated beyond patching.

  4. I did the jeans into shorts thing too, and I’m I’m pretty sure a college friend of mine had a bag made from a pair of jeans.

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