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Pinning down the essence of a day is no easy feat

I downloaded that “One Second Every Day” App. I think the app is a great idea – and it certainly would save one’s relatives the bother of mashing together an audio-visual montage for one’s funeral.

I haven’t filmed a thing. There has been too much on for me to reflect on what particular one second of any particular day would encapsulate the memory of the day best for me.

Today would be easy. I’d maybe film Daughter2 watching Wallace and Gromit’s “A Matter of Loaf and Death” on repeat. One second of that would just about cover the tone of the day.

Promotional artwork.

Promotional artwork. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The weekend was busy though.

On Saturday I could have filmed a second of my training squad. I was there in contact lenses – and because I had lenses I figured I could wear shades as well as it was freakishly bright and a migraine looked like a possibility. After merciless mocking for the shades, the training went well and I don’t regret them for a moment.

Then on Saturday afternoon I would have filmed my children meeting “Clyde”, the mascot for the Commonwealth Games that are going to be held in Glasgow. We went to the local Highland Games in the hope of catching a glimpse of the overgrown thistle and were successful in our stalking.


Or I could have had a clip of either daughter having their first shot on a pony. I can’t believe they went on them. I thought we would queue for half an hour to have one, other or both back out – but no. Of course Daughter2 wants to buy a pony now. Unlikely.

Saturday night was the roller disco and laser tag. So, the film clip would be loud music and skates. And then at midnight I was making beef curry. But I don’t think that would be notable enough for the one-second-every-day.

Sunday would be a tricky one as I was going to see my niece and nephew getting baptised at, well, the Baptist Church. So, which second to choose? The dooking of one or the dooking of the other? The rest of the day was spent EATING, so I suppose I could have had one second of that saved for posterity.

Maybe film just isn’t my medium. When I used to post here every day, there was a heightened consciousness of the need to make every day worth writing about, or having a quality of thought worth writing about so that one post every day would be worth reading.

I think that is what the chap that invented the One Second Every Day app liked about it. If you find that your one second is “Unloading the Tumble Drier”, maybe one should get out more.

The only thing about getting out more is having less time to unload the tumble drier, or to write.

Right. I’m off to unload the tumble drier.


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5 thoughts on “Pinning down the essence of a day is no easy feat

  1. Therein lies the perfect quandary. As you said, posting everyday makes you realize that you need to experience things however the act of experiencing things whittles down your time to write and share those experiences. A quandary.

  2. The best moments of any day are always the ones that you don’t manage to capture on video. So even if you do this thing, you’ll still not capture the essence of the day.

    And I misread the text and thought it was “One every second day” which doesn’t quite make sense…

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