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Running is perhaps a contact sport

Spring has clearly been waylaid. Probably held up in a snowdrift or a large puddle somewhere. Or maybe it hasn’t defrosted fully yet.

Luckily, running is an all-year, all-weather sport. Almost. Deep snow is tricky, as is sheet ice. But rain is fine, which is just as well as I was running today and it was raining.

It was the heaviest rain I’ve run in since the end of the 10K some years ago when, as soon as I crossed the finishing line, it gushed down. Everyone ran back to the cars and my glasses steamed up and I couldn’t see, so I stood there like a forlorn otter until someone came back to find me.

Today on my run, my specs started to get a bit drippy, a bit steamy, a bit… opaque, really.

So much so, I had to take them off in order to see. My feet were a blur, and not because of their speed. It was very disorienting and in places felt quite unsafe when the pavements were uneven, so I gave my specs a rub and gave them another go. Then they steamed up and I couldn’t see.

So, I’m thinking I should get some contact lenses. I had lenses for years, but in my childbearing decade, I needed to be able to crash out for a sudden opportunistic snooze without the faff of dealing with lenses.

These days are gone now. I generally only sleep at night. It should be okay.


Velma Dinkley

Velma Dinkley (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


On the downside, this may mean I have to revisit the whole “make-up” thing. You see, my Velma Dinkley specs delineate my eyes fairly robustly, so you know my eyes are there. Without the specs, my features recede into nothingness,( except my nose… and the gap between my two front teeth…). I may have to think about eyebrows and stuff and what people do to them. And mascara. And… actually, that’s about as far as I’d go.

Depressing clart is make-up. I dunno why people bother (except to show where their eyes are).


So I think I might go for a chat with the optician tomorrow and see if I can get the optimum optical solution for my benchmark of a run that is a few weeks away. I have signed up again for the Glasgow Women’s 10k  – and if I don’t shave a good seven to ten minutes off my time I’ll be really annoyed.

We’ll see.


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4 thoughts on “Running is perhaps a contact sport

  1. Laurie Nichols on said:

    I completely undeerstand the whole eye dilemma. I don’t wear glasses yet, the day is coming, but I would dread the mascara, eyebrows things as well. The reason why I don’t wear makeup is because I am too lazy, you have to put it on and then take it off, too much work. Be careful running in the rain I don’t want you hurting yourself. 🙂

  2. Cathy Baker on said:

    And Ill be disappointed too if you don’t shave that amount of time off your PB!!!! Trust in the bootcamp training!

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