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Getting back from getting away from it all

We were away up north for a week and suffered from a serious lack of 3G and Wifi coverage. I suppose it was good therapy: no need to check my phone every five minutes. Not that there is a need, as such, in real life. On the plus side I got around to reading “The Blind Assassin” by Margaret Atwood which I had been failing to get around to for a few years.

In place of wifi, I had nature in spectacular form. The Cairngorms were looking amazing – I am sure the skiers couldn’t believe their luck. Brilliant blue sky and snow. It was a bit sub-zero, though – but perfect weather for running – and the “Old Logging” path was great for that. At the chalet we had pine trees and a squirrel and plenty of wee rabbits too. And we went to see the Ospreys at the RSPB place as well, seeing EJ and Odin and their domestic wrangling in the nest. I’ve just had a look at the Osprey blog and it seems that their tiff has escalated….

I managed to keep up with the E100 though. I think it appeals to my Pharisee nature to keep up the daily reading despite the holidays. We have finished the Old Testament readings and today was the first of the New.

The Old Testament now seems kind of different to me than it did before. All of the one-off “big” bible stories now have more of a context for me and are incidents in a bigger narrative – and that has been potentially revolutionary in my reflections. In response I bought and read Amy Orr Ewing’s “Why Trust the Bible?” The first few chapters were excellent. She managed to put all my thoughts about truth and postmodernism far more clearly than I have ever managed. It is always encouraging to find someone who thinks things you have thought, independently.

She then has a good section on the history of the physical bible – the fragments and parchments. Normally I find this kind of “evidence” neither here nor there – in a matter of faith it makes little difference. But she managed to keep it interesting.

The book then dipped a bit for me and became a bit… I dunno… parochial/narrow. Admittedly, with that title, she is trying to be persuasive – but the academic argument kind of gave way to weaker and more unhelpfully biased arguments. And the chapter on sexuality was jarring as she referred to a since-discredited study – so I found my skin crawling at that section – but still – I am looking forward to reading her other book “Is it real?” as I find her style academic yet accessible in the main.

So, we’re back. Looking forward to visiting my favourite blogs again 🙂


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6 thoughts on “Getting back from getting away from it all

  1. San, can I borrow the Amy Orr Ewing book sometime? It was on my wishlist, but fell off the bottom of it eventually. Given your endorsement, I’d like to read it.

    Then again, I wrestled with the issue of trusting the bible on my blog last year, and came to what I assume is the opposite conclusion to Ms Orr Ewing’s… Ho hum.

    • Sure, you can borrow it 🙂 Did I ever give you back Velvet Elvis?

      I don’t think you’ll like her textual defences – but you might like her Truth bit. That’s where I sit, generally. Maybe cos of my Artsyness as opposed to your scienceyness – facts and truth for me are not mapped one to the other. I am big on metaphor. I have a big thing about meaning and context – and she argues against that, perhaps too tidily – but she has a go.

      So saying, I read it in one sitting in about two hours after the trip back down the A9… so I may not have taken it all in. (I was so excited to see Amazon had been with two books for me and zero for Mr Self-Help-Manual-Junkie)

      • Velvet Elvis? ROFL…

        (ps, where were you staying? all the lodge type places up there have wifi, in my experience. Although coverage is pretty sketchy in Lochanully, Carrbridge…)

    • It was Coylumbridge. They plan to have the lodges wified up by the end of the year. There was wifi in the bar -but at £3 a diet coke… 😉

  2. Laurie Nichols on said:

    Your picture is so gorgeous! I’m glad that you had a beautiful and wonderful time outside of the wifi/internet universe and inside the world of nature.:)

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