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The bible is going in faster than I thought #E100

The E100 is moving on apace – I am more than a quarter through and my head is spinning. I was glad to get past the Exodus and into more unfamiliar waters, or desert, actually.

So, we had the ten commandments, then we got them again, then Joshua took over and crossed the Jordan in the same way Moses crossed the Red Sea – this miraculous crossing seems to get less cultural coverage than the Red Sea one. I wonder why. They set up some stones to mark the crossing  and the fulfilment of the promise of the Promised Land. But archaeologists have never found them. But the writer says they are “here to this day” whenever that was.

Then we have the famous Battle of Jericho, and a lot of carnage.

Then we go into the wild and random book of Judges that should really be made into more movies than it already has been. The Israelites have gone all subjective, postmodern and pluralistic, and so their community goes horribly wrong. Occasionally, someone recaptures the vision and sorts it out for a bit, but they tend to get sucked back into periods of 40 years in metaphorical wildernesses as generation after generation forget about the promises to Abraham, Isaac and Jacob and the story of the Exodus and the arrival in the Promised Land.

There are some great moments – I want to do a bit of creative writing about Gideon skulking in the wine press and Samson with his fire fox idea, and his marriages and his nagging wives. But this whole phase and book of Judges is pretty much unsavoury. Not to mention the tent peg drive through that fellow’s temple…

Jael and Sisera

Jael and Sisera (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Today was a better moral playing field – although there were some game-rules that were a little odd, from my West of Scotland perspective. Ruth was certainly sticking to her convictions and playing by the rules and then some – going the extra mile and ending up with a wee baby who next week will turn out to be the grandfather, I think, of King David.



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9 thoughts on “The bible is going in faster than I thought #E100

  1. I always enjoy your take on the Bible. You should be a minister. Do you preach at your own church?

    • Once every twenty years.
      The first one was after my trip to India and I preached on the Woman at the Well. Then a couple of Christmases ago there wasn’t going to be a Christmas Day service, so I organised one and ended up speaking at it.
      Oh… and I once did a thing on the kinds of soil…
      okay… maybe once a decade 🙂

  2. I agree with Tilly, I think that you would be great at it, especially to the children. I once said that the Old Testament was the world’s first soap opera.

  3. Jael is one of my favorite Bible characters.
    You should make a page that is a collection of these posts . . .

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