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Life of Pie


Here are some of the search terms people used in the past month, and found me here at WeeScoops:


“sachertorte sue”


I thought that would be a good name for a superhero, of sorts. Another possible search-term derived superhero name was:


“orinoco biscuits”


Maybe this duo could get together to assist the surfer who demanded:


“get me nurture”


or help out


“housewives splashing puddles with cars”


that I don’t think is all that possible, really…


Mouse costumers, Mardi Gras morning in New Orleans


But, who knows – strange things happen – rodents take on human abilities, leading one to ask:

“is diary of a church mouse a metaphor”


No. It’s real. He wrote it himself.



Indeed. Perhaps he did it with


“conker nut bible means”


before resigning himself to


“Life of pie and so it goes with god”



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7 thoughts on “Life of Pie

  1. Dear sachertote sue, thanks for a great post 😀

  2. I really like the sachertote sue and the orinoco bsicuits. Your search terms this time around are really funny and I love what you did with them.:)

  3. I am so far behind, but this was worth waiting for. 🙂

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