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“Up Tae Summat”: A Poem

English: Cairn on side of Stobie Hillock This ...

English: Cairn on side of Stobie Hillock This cairn was near, but not on the top of Stobie Hill. Strangely there was no cairn on the top. The mountain in the distance is Lochnagar (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Up tae Summat

If ahm jist aboot ower this hill
Ah must be up tae summat:
Haufway therr
Jist lik they ten thoosin men
Ur Bon Jovi.
Ahm neither up nor doon aboot it.

Tappy the hill:
Best view gaun.

Ah’ll mak this a milestone,
No a millstone –
An lee it oan tappy this cairn
Afore a humph ma way doon.

Forty years tae climb this hill –
Micht as well enjoy the view:
A peek at aw the peaks
Roonaboot me: some nearby, some distant,

In an instant,
Far back, Ah see Mount Ararat
Noah place tae run a grun,
Ye micht think.
Bit he wiz up tae summat:
Oot the Ark
Tae staun neath the arc
O a watergaw
The joy o daurk an licht the gither
The ups an doons thit gie us colour.

It luiks mair black an white
Oan Sinai –
Moses was up tae summat.
Thick darkness gein clarity:
Stanes o law – richt an wrang.
But it wiz far fae a mosey doon that hill:
God’s screed smashed tae smithereens o scree!

Take two.

Wan mair hill Ah kin see fae here
It isnae green, it isnae far away.
Jesus wis up tae summat.
Hung oot alane
Pittin wrang tae richt.

Jist the wanst.

Ah dinae want tae luik –
A want tae haud on til Sunday;
See the muckle stane couped,
Lettin hope leak oot.

That’s ma view fae here.

Ah staun
Oan the summat:
Tappy the hill.
Leein ma stane;
Ma “Ah wiz here”.

If sumdy kicks the cairn,
It willnae matter if the chuckies scatter:
When Ah wis up
Ah wiz.


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7 thoughts on ““Up Tae Summat”: A Poem

  1. I just love it when you speak Scottish to me. It is beautiful at the summit.:)

  2. Not despite the dialect – because of it: you could recite the telephone directory and it would sound beautiful. I love these poems.

  3. Me too! Dialect is politically incorrect over here, but folks still love it for the richness of meaning, the added love, the genuineness. Thanks.

    • Here, dialect is encouraged – as long as people know standard English and when to use it.
      I speak standard English almost all the time – there are just a few scots words in there and my west of scotland accent.

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