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Oversensitive Smoke Alarms

English: Herbal Essences - "Color Me Happ...

English: Herbal Essences – “Color Me Happy” shampoo and conditioner bottles (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

*smoke alarm ringing*

First it was Flash bathroom cleaner.

Then it was Herbal Essences Pink shampoo (with the green cap thing, not the pink cap thing).

Today it was Herbal Essecces orange shampoo that did it.

*smoke alarm ringing*

So, I ditched the Flash in favour of Cif. Which feels daft, because no matter what they call it, and I call it: we all know it is Jif. It’s like saying you’ve had a Snickers. IT’S a MARATHON. And deep down THERE ARE NO STARBURSTS. THEY ARE OPAL FRUITS.

Moorland Archaeology - Packed with Peanuts

Moorland Archaeology – Packed with Peanuts (Photo credit: pluralzed)

*aims hair-drier at smoke alarm and wafts hoodie at it in vain attempt to redirect the airflow*

Then there was the shampoo strategy. I swapped the pink stuff for orange stuff and it was all good. Then I bought new orange stuff and was washing and conditioning my hair with gay abandon – and FAIL – the smoke alarm goes off again.

And I don’t want to be one step ahead and assume the alarm is playing ‘cry wolf’ and think “It’s the shampoo”. I need to check I haven’t left some appliance a-smouldering. I haven’t.

*smoke alarm ringing*


I’d have thought that “Herbal Essences” might be sufficiently organic or …. I dunno… nature based?… okay, so maybe I am a little naive.

So, does anyone have any experience of cleaning/cleansing products that set off smoke alarms – or is it JUST ME?

Does anyone one have any recommendations of shampoo and conditioner that doesn’t catch the back of your throat with its caustic smoke-like fumes? I’d like to try a new brand.

*sudden silence*


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10 thoughts on “Oversensitive Smoke Alarms

  1. If your smoke alarm detonates according to ppm (parts per million) then it could be the steam that is setting it off. We once had one in a hallway that went off after every shower, once the bathroom door was opened allowing steam to pour out onto it.

    Now days, mine gets oversensitive only on my birhtday. Stupid thing!

  2. theotheri on said:

    I think Katharine might have a point. I remember staying in a hotel recently with a sign on the bathroom door saying to close it when taking a shower, because otherwise it could trigger the alarm.

    As for shampoo, you’re on your own! Terry

    • Hotels can be hopeless. One hotel I was going to had such a reputation for fire alarms that I laid out warm clothes in case of a wee-small-hours event. And I felt very smug as it went off at about 1 in the morning – and other people traipsing down in their slinky nightwear to wait out at the mustering point… tee hee…

  3. The steam from the shower theory sounds like it has merit. You can go organic with the cleaning products and find a hair product line that uses essential oils and plant based cleansing properties. When appliances start yelling at us, I get very nervous.

  4. Katherine makes a good point. Mine always goes off when I cook bacon or a roast without opening a window.

  5. I’ve not had a problem with cleaning products or shampoos setting off our alarm – but grilling bacon is another matter!
    And I agree – it’s Jif, Marathon and Opal Fruits! 🙂

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