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Relevant? Eh…totally :-) #E100

Some things never change. People, particularly.

This week I am reading about Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. The stories may be ancient – but the issues are very human and pretty much timeless.

There is a bit where Abraham thinks he is going to get beaten up and killed for having a beautiful wife, so he coerces her to lie to the Egyptians and say she is his sister, so they will let him live. This results in her getting drawn into the household of the Egyptian monarchy, until they figure it out and confront him.

Meanwhile in the news we have the Huhne court case. Pryce claims she is not guilty of perverting the course of justice on the grounds of marital coercion – that her husband made her take his speeding penalty points, until the story came out and he was confronted.

Today I am reading about Jacob pretending he is Esau and passing off his meal as that produced by his brother.

In the background we have the horsemeat scandal where it turn out that 100% beef can mean 100% horse. He was 100% Jacob pretending to be 100% Esau.

It seems that being deceitful and self-serving goes back a long way. I suppose that is one of the Bible’s points, though.

Will we ever learn?


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4 thoughts on “Relevant? Eh…totally :-) #E100

  1. Drama apparently is as old as time. Don’t tell me that the Old Testament could be considered the first soap opera.;)

  2. Truly nothing new under the sun. Great thinking, here, Sans! 🙂

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