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A Solution #E100


Noah’s-Ark-floats-Chapelle-Sistine (Photo credit: ideacreamanuelaPps)

A Solution

And God saw that it was

Water from the deep,
Mixed with water from the sky:
It’s the destruction of Creation
With only one place left that’s dry.

Noah’s microcosm:
God spoke
A bespoke
Escape pod–
All aboard!
God shut the door.

Coated with pitch,
The boat
Floated and pitched

The only place,
A lonely place.
A black, blind, bubble of life –
All life
Looking for land.
High and bobbing
Over submerged mountains:
Stagnant planet,
Death soup.

Hope floats.


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7 thoughts on “A Solution #E100

  1. This is so very good, the perfect amount of ominous finished with a perfect dose of hope. 🙂

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