Wee Scoops

Measure for Measure

Bung Dup

Ahm Bung Dup.
Cannae breathe so Ah cannae.
Pure aw wheezy n at so Ahm ur.

See the GP?
Aye. Naw.
Whitzie gaunae say?

A’ve hud enoughie youz in the day
Wi yur moanin and greetin.
Away an tak a LEMSIP an
Geez Peace.

Ah but yeah but,
Ah’ll say.

He’ll luik it me ower his specs.
He’ll say,
Ziff that means onyhing tae me.
Whit diz he hink Ah dae fur a livin?
Ahm no a VIROLOGIST am Ah?

So Ah wullnae bother.
Ah’ll stie here, luikin oot
At the sideyways rain
Gein intermittent sniffs
Atween the fits o sneezin.

Ma heid’s pure solid.
An Ahm aw bung dup.

So Sick

So Sick (Photo credit: maizers)


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5 thoughts on “Bung Dup

  1. theotheri on said:

    I hope he gets well soon!

    And that you don’t catch it-

  2. That sounds awful and very flu-like. Chicken noodle soup! Rest and much tea! I am the doctor issuing the remedy and it should be followed! Oh yea and feel better!

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