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Murderin Pattle

English: Robert Burns Source: Image:Robert bur...

English: Robert Burns Source: Image:Robert burns.jpg Replacement of existing commons image with higher res version (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This morn Ah keeked in through the butcher’s windae
Tae see whaur aw the haggises are hingin.
Ahint the gless , the face o Burns wiz smilin:
Backed wi tartan,
Gazin oot fae
A twa hunnert year auld Ayrshire scene;
Thinkin tae hissel, nae doot
‘That’ll be the puddin race beginnin.’

January’s homework:

Ye see Ah’ve tae learn some Burns –
Bit naw,
No Auld Lang Syne, or A Red, Red Rose –
Ur ony ither wan Ah ariddy know.

The hail class are busy memorisin
Odes tae mice an daisies-
Ahm half crazy
Ascertainin that a man’s a man
For a’ that.

An fir whit?

Tae git tae staun up at school,
The stage lichts glaring in ma een,
Hert drummin,
Rubbin ma hauns the gither,
Rememberin tae SPEAK SLOW
Wunnerin if ma mind’ll hae mind o the poem
When push comes tae shove,
An Ahm aw exposed and feart o ruin.

Ma confidence? Built or strewn.

Ah’ll tak ma place.


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8 thoughts on “Murderin Pattle

  1. Jo Redwood on said:

    Takes me back. Every year we had to recite a poem in a competition. Clearly remember John Anderson ma Joe John and Ma Hoggie (spelling?!) Love your posts x

  2. I understood ALL of it! Most enjoyable

  3. Love it!!! Robert Burns was very attractive. Scots is my fave, I tell you. 🙂

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