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Sometimes the medium and the message thing can go too far…

It was all facebook’s fault.

It started deleting lines and lines of my text when I hesitated to think or to make a correction. That’ll teach me.

I wondered if everyone else was having the same glitch. This meant I’d have to break one of my fb rules: “Never put a fb status about fb on fb”.

If that were to happen, it would mean that the loop had closed.

I am a big fan of harmony between the medium and the messsage – but sometimes when the theme of the content joins in it all gets a bit … icky.

Such as when the presenter of Have I Got News For You got into trouble in the News – so the whole gameshow kind of fell apart. So now they have a different guest presenter each week…

Or there was when the BBC was in trouble because of its news reporting, or lack of it – and so the news was about the news. The BBC nearly choked on its own tail. I had to turn it off.

Then, on the self same Have I Got News for you, they presented a clip which contained one of these icky moments. Theoretically I should hate it – but It’s not really the medium is the message – it was the medium is the message AND the audience.

An Australian news reader was telling the Dalai Lama a joke… about the Dalai Lama… to the Dalai Lama…

“The Dalai Lama walks into a pizza shop and says ‘Can you make me one, with everything?”

In a way, it is a moment of genius – telling the Dalai Lama a joke about the Dalai Lama – but in reality, to combine the medium, the message and the audience is a step too far.

Although, on the upside, I did, for a brief second think of making a punchline challenge for myself : “A *insert spiritual leader* walks into a bar…”. I got as far as ‘Rabbi’ and the punchline ‘…-Mitzvah’… then thought better of it.


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7 thoughts on “Sometimes the medium and the message thing can go too far…

  1. That joke is so old I would have thought the Dalai Lama would have heard it in a previous life…

  2. The fail of all fails. The reporter is lucky that the Dalai Lama laughs at the slightest thing because he sees happiness everywhere. The message can be changed, distorted or lost by the medium. You brought up a great point and question.

  3. I must be the only person who hadn’t heard that Dalai Lama joke before! 🙂

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