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Land Ahoy

In the post New Year doldrums, we are at the helm of our own individual ships and we have been sailing off course – as far as getting up and going to bed go – for a week and a half and it is time to take that tiller and get things bound more directly for port.

The risk is that you overcompensate and put the ship into a spin on approach to the harbour. But leaving the righting of the body clock until Monday will result in a wreck: that much is certain.

I always think that churchgoing is a plus in this respect. You get up to go to church at 10.30 on the Sunday, so getting up to function on the Monday is that bit easier.

I have been fortunate however. An early coffee yesterday and a lunchtime lunch helped to bring Wednesday into focus, although, admittedly I was/am struggling to look at days at their day-names, more in relation to their proximity to significant days, like Hogmanay.

This is Thursday, though. I think.

May you find a painless way to right your rudder before Monday.




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13 thoughts on “Land Ahoy

  1. I thought that I was alone in being offset by the Tuesday holidays; I didn’t know if the week was starting or finishing. I am happy that the world is getting back to the same old, same old. 🙂

  2. I know just what you mean about not knowing which day of the week it is. I’ve found it particularly difficult this year for some reason. I’ll be glad when Monday comes, then there will be some semblance of normality again.

  3. theotheri on said:

    Sounds like we’re all in the same state. It’s the with us down here in Cambridge, UK.

  4. I’m the same. Been falling asleep around 12-1 a.m. when it’s usually between 10-11, so I’m not getting up until after eight. We’ve been eating dinner at seven instead of five!

  5. Hi WS.

    I don’t expect you to play along but I have tagged you as The Next Big Thing.


    • I might, you know…
      Thanks for the tag TB – I am just deciding which book to base it on… the existent poetry thing or the non-existent novel thing… or the poached memoir thing….

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