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The gammy finger makes it through to 2013, which is going to be SUNNY!

Morning! Happy New Year everyone.

I really enjoyed last night. Quite a funny wee event. All day I was wishing it was time to go up for the sound check just so we could start getting 2012 over with. 2013 may lack the alliteration of twenty twelve, and the olympics, the Jubilee and all that – but, to be truthful, I’d had enough of it.

The weather has been REALLY RAINY ALL YEAR – which has been “a good thing” for the training – but for the corporate mental health of the nation it has been rubbish. The year before that was REALLY REALLY WINDY, what with a pair of hurricanes. The year before that was REALLY REALLY SNOWY.

So, it looks like it will be wall-to-wall SUNSHINE for 2013. I can’t see how else it can go… Unless there is another class of weather that we haven’t had for twelve months straight.

And today it is lovely. Granted, we are only going to get a blip of actual daylight – but the daylight is SUNNY 🙂 and, considering the date – it is WARM.

So, the ceilidh.

We had our sound check and then went and got chips. They were great. (Transatlantic Readers – chips are not what you think.)

photoAs predicted we played hard fast and randomly, interspersed with sausage rolls and sandwiches and the macarena.

Even although my finger was complaining during the rehearsal (Captain Pugwash for the Military-two-step: It’s in E. I never play in E.) I didn’t have any pain for the whole ceilidh or even this morning, until I went to lift a full kettle and couldn’t. So I just won’t use my left hand for heavy things until my ligaments forget what happened to them.

Best moment of the night was realising we’d missed the bells, so we didn’t have to do that waiting for the bells thing. And not a single moment of BBC coverage was suffered. Fabulous. I cannae be doing with Hogmanay Live.

Aw man, I’ve just remembered I was going to do this post as a parallel with Back to the Future. If my hand had dissolved, I would have done.

“Guys, this is a blues riff in B. Watch me for the changes. And try to keep up.”


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2 thoughts on “The gammy finger makes it through to 2013, which is going to be SUNNY!

  1. That sunny picture is glorious and I am keeping my fingers crossed for you that everyday is at least for most of the part sunny. 🙂 Happy New Year and hooray for the wonderful violin playing and the excellent chips.

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