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SMARTing my way towards 2013

The trouble with SMART targets is that you know when you haven’t met them. Specific, Measurable, Achieveable, Realistic and Time-limited. And the trouble is, my resolutions are SMART, so it will be clear if I fail. Never mind.

  1.  Get to 9 stone (126lbs) by the beginning of March.
  2.  Complete the Glasgow Women’s 10k in in an hour or less, in May.
  3.  Draft the novel by the end of June.
  4.  Tidy the house (ongoing)
  5. Take my career out of the three boxes it is currently in and bin most of it, reducing all I need to know to a couple of files that I can take back to work in August. Or even get it down to a single memory stick. Or just chuck the lot of it and start again in real life.

Actually… maybe I should have a look at last year’s resolutions and see how I did. Hold on…

They were, from the post “Too Many Resolutions”

  1.  Learn how to make pancakes.
  2.  Learn German.
  3.  Paint a picture.
  4.  Be ruthless with decluttering and chucking stuff out.
  5. Finish the first draft of the Nanowrimo novel by the end of November 2012.

So, how did I do?

  1. Pancakes – I can make them now.
  2. German. Ein bisschen.
  3. Utterly did not paint a picture. I don’t think. Wait a minute. Yes I did! The Easter Triptych!
  4. The chucking out has been okay. Could do better. Several significant areas of the house have been dealt with. More remain.
  5. First draft: total fail – although it is all planned out in my head – and now I have my new computer I should be able to get on with it without needing to wait half an hour for the computer to open a document and fail to find the internet…

So, three and an ongoing half out of five isn’t too bad.

I am optimistic about the fit and thin aspects of my resolutions this year. It is now or never. The disturbing thing is that, even although I think I am sort of average to thinnish – technically I am still overweight. Not for long. I have a BMI of 25 just about a month away I think, at this rate.

As for the novel…

It’ll be great…

When I write it.

The prologue is genius…


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10 thoughts on “SMARTing my way towards 2013

  1. theotheri on said:

    I’m inspired! I never heard of SMART resolutions, but they sound like a superb idea. They are made to hold one’s feet to the fire, aren’t they? I think I will craft just one to be ready on Tuesday. Thank you for the idea.

  2. You are amazing! If anyone can hold true to their goals, it is you! Hooray!

  3. I had to laugh as I juxtaposed your old #1 with the new #1. (Make pancakes; lose weight . . . )

    But I am curious about the stone thing, that has to be translated into pounds. Um, is it a Scottish thing or are the two words related, as we do pound with stones, right? Or is it just slang?

    And if it is strictly cultural, I’d love the history of it.

    In your spare time, of course. 😉

    • I think it is just a British thing. A stone is 14 lbs. So right now I am 9st 10lbs – although before Christmas I was 9 st 9. So, 9lb to lose in eight weeks give or take. Should be perfectly possible given the tri-weekly training. I was 10 stone 5lbs in August. When anyone gives their weight in pounds only it’s hard do visualise. As for the history – I can only assume there was a large stone that weighed 14lbs once.

  4. Well done on what you have achieved so far. Nobody believes that resolutions will be kept so you have far surpassed expectations! Brilliant work 🙂

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