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My Favourite Search Term Ever

Usually people find WeeScoops by googling something that I have vaguely written about.

This one, however I feel gives me a wee window into a life I have nothing to do with.

Hello Inma, Martin is going to let you have one set of keys back then you will be able to go into the house. You keep one set of keys, Martin one set, and Maurice already has a set. Have a good Christmas. Regards, Jean.

So, like, had Inma been standing in the garden for advent? Is Martin some control freak when it comes to keys? Is Jean abandoning her house and letting three randomers squat there for Christmas? And who is Maurice, and why didn’t he let Inma in either?

If I was the writer I claim to be I should write something inspired by this. But it stands as a bit of micro-flash-fiction on its own. It makes me wonder about the random things I’ve perhaps inadvertantly searched for.

I like Jean, here though. She’s doing her best to make sure everyone is happy and inside for Christmas. I hope Inma got her keys. I hope they all had a good Christmas.

Does anyone know them?… It isn’t any of you, is it?


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7 thoughts on “My Favourite Search Term Ever

  1. theotheri on said:

    I’m afraid I’m not Emma or Jean, but this is a tantalizing post. One of those things that suggest a whole unfathomable depth that we’ll probably never know. But it begs for a story, doesn’t it?

    Best wishes for the New Year.

  2. But we aren’t sure that Martin gave the keys to Inma, what if he missed her or something? This is quite a mystery.

  3. Yikes! Could be Jean thought she was sending an email, but accidentally typed all this in the search window and clicked “send” and took off for her next tangled chore. It does sound, after all, as if she has lots of loose ends to tie up. Maybe none of them knows what is going on and they all are still waiting to get into the house?

    This does make a complete and tantalizing flash fiction, though. Wonder if it is copyrighted. You could change the names . . . 😉

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