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That’ll be the beginning of December then, I suppose…

Once again, the year has begun its annual acceleration to a close. I can see Christmas coming, but no matter how fast I paddle beneath the surface, no matter how much I declutter my diary – I don’t really feel any further forward than I ever have been.

It could be worse, though . I physically *have* my Christmas cards, I have actually been Christmas shopping and made a dent in the list. Today I sent off for my 2012 anthology of poetry.  Kirstie Allsop would be very proud.

As for Nanowrimo: total fail.  But I have done other stuff.

Wishing all other Christmas-facilitators all the best for the next four weeks.




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7 thoughts on “That’ll be the beginning of December then, I suppose…

  1. theotheri on said:

    Ah, “Christmas-facilitators”: now there’s a job to be proud of. Best wishes in the run-up the snowy mountain. Or is it down the blackened chimney?

  2. You are decidedly on the way to being well prepared for Christmas, Hooray for you! Slowly and surely we will get there.

  3. Ordered your 2012 anthology of poetry? Do tell.

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