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The universal appeal of puddles

It turns out that Peppa Pig was right:

Peppa Pig

Peppa Pig (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

“Everyone loves jumping in muddy puddles.”

It is a truth universally acknowledged that any child wearing unsuitable footwear will make a beeline for any puddle – muddy ones in particular – and jump up and down in it.

Everyone Loves Jumping In Muddy Puddles

Everyone Loves Jumping In Muddy Puddles (Photo credit: Phil W Shirley)

Those of us who make it to the ripe old age of thirty nine spend our time discouraging such behaviour, but to no avail. The children just go there. It’s as if they are homing or something.

*decides to side-step evolutionary debate*

The encouraging thing is that little children with the wrong shoes aren’t the only ones. If you are free from worry about catching cold, ruining footwear, having nothing to change into and suchlike – if you can free yourself from the moment after jumping in muddy puddles and focus on the actual jumping in muddy puddles – I assure you -it’s all good.

Some parts of Scotland were flooded this week. Down here, the rain was super-heavy – but not outa control. So in the park there were a few good waterlogged paths where the water was thigh high. (I’m short.)

Woosh woosh woosh and in I go shouting “Horses! Horses!” (I don’t know why. I think it’s a quote- I’m visualising Jane Horrocks as Bubble in Ab Fab saying it… – but to get through it you have to hop like a horse in the dressage thing…  I hope it’s a quote. Otherwise I am just pretending to be a horse… when, in honour of Peppa, I should be pretending to be a pig. And we do roll in mud, so that would be ok, but for the water bit – it’s definitely “Horses!”)

Before you dash into a flood in mid-November, there is that moment of doubt – when they ask, “Does anyone mind getting wet?” I hope and hope that no one will put a dampener on the idea, where i suppress the urge to to yell “Let me in! Let me in!” (Maybe my baptist upbringing is more deeply imbedded than I thought…) And the relief when we are instructed to run through it… and back again… and through again… and a round of sit ups…. and through again.

All of a sudden you realise that Peppa was right, and at the core of humanity (or, in her parallel universe where pigs got the better of evolution) is the innate desire to jump in puddles.

Everyone want to.

There are infinite reasons not to.

Get the right shoes.

Go and jump.


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9 thoughts on “The universal appeal of puddles

  1. I just loved this! At last, another puddle jumper! (But you’re right; it’s not quite as fun afterwards)

  2. I used to run and jump in huge puddles down at the neighborhood park, it was so much fun. Puddle jumping is a must, very liberating.

  3. I have never discouraged a puddle jumper 🙂 In fact, I splash through them myself. I also scrunch through leaves and stop to smell the roses.

  4. A phrase I heard many times in my childhood was ” stop skliffing through that puddle.!”
    Yes. I was a skliffer not a jumper. It made for more collateral damage. 🙂

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