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Being Velma

I hate Hallowe’en.

But I have spent the last five months regretting a fringe that makes me look like Velma Dinkley, so I’d be daft not to capitalise on it.

Velma Dinkley

Velma Dinkley (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I managed to source an orange polo neck with an alarming lack of difficulty *who buys these things?* and a reddish skirt with almost as much ease (although technically, it was a dress. Quite high quality. “Laura Ashley”, dontchaknow. I had a few items from the same range, back in 1996.)

The only problem looked to be the knee-high orange socks but fortunately Amazon had some in stock. *who buys these things?*

And then there were those brown shoes I already had *what was I thinking when I bought those?*

However, with the glasses and hair already screaming “Velma” at me every day, the addition of the orange and red rig-out made it all a bit uncanny.

Note to self: orange polo neck not flattering. But it wasn’t flattering on Velma either. All made for more authenticity.

Next year I am going as Daphne. All I need to do it lose a stone (or two), buy a purple dress, a green scarf, grow my hair and dye it orange.

Glad it’s over.

*gets into mystery machine to go visit obscure relative who is harbouring a secret problem with some spurious monster/ghost/haunting issue*

PS. I would have added a pic – but I look EXACTLY like the picture above…


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5 thoughts on “Being Velma

  1. I didn’t realize until I got to the sentence “Next year I’m going as…” that you were talking about your costume for Halloween. Sounded more sane in that context.

  2. I remember Laura Ashley fondly especially in home decor. I loved Velma, she was my hero, she was so smart. I always wanted to shake Daphne. Fred was no Einstein either, without Velma all those mysteries would have been unsolved. You must have been adorable.

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