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Guest Blogger: Son Of Sanstorm Speaks “Sitting in a Cafe for Hours and Hours and Hours”

I don’t like sitting in a cafe for hours and hours. We are normally sitting in a cafe because my mum is meeting up with someone or my sisters are at a club.

I normally ask to go on my mum’s phone because I have got nothing else to do apart from do my homework, do a baby colouring-in sheet and reading a book which I would obviously not want to do.

My mum will not let me go on her phone or anything that I want to do better than sit in the cafe. I would rather be at home doing stuff that I actually want to do like playing on the computer and other stuff like that. My sisters are at a club and my dad is not home, so I have to go with them.

In the cafe I’d want to eat a bag of crisps and some coke. My mum won’t let me have full fat coke because once my little sister had it and she was talking really fast for the rest of the day. I ask the cafe man for some crisps and some for my little sister and a can of diet coke for me and my little sister to share. You can get coffee, tea and lots of kinds of fizzy drinks. Including full fat coke. Can I get full fat coke?

Français : Une cannette de Coca-Cola italienne...

Français : Une cannette de Coca-Cola italienne d’une contenance de 50cl. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I get really bored in the cafe. So bored that I could even play with my hands for fun. I can’t get rid of my boredom in the cafe. My mum doesn’t really care and just plays “Ruzzle” on her phone. I think my mum should bring along something that I’d like to do there, like, if she could, my Playstation 3 but she can’t.

I also get Chewits when my sister is nearly out and my little sister gets the same as me but she gets a Kit Kat instead of my Chewits.

The current logo of Chewits.

The current logo of Chewits. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

On the way home I have been listening to a German CD which me and my mum have been listening to, to learn German. I am better at it than her. Way better. It is quite easy once you get the hang of it.

So if you have a son that gets bored at a cafe, make sure you follow my advice: to have something that he’d like to do.


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12 thoughts on “Guest Blogger: Son Of Sanstorm Speaks “Sitting in a Cafe for Hours and Hours and Hours”

  1. I thought he had a DSi? Surely they were made for moments such as this?

    Anyway, when do we get to hear from Daughter of Sanstorm? Feed her some full fat Coke and ask her for her thoughts…

  2. theotheri on said:

    Dear Son of Sanstorm, I agree with you that hours in a cafe – especially without full-fat coke – is totally boring. My suggestion is not to depend on your mum to solve the problem though, because it’s one that is going to crop up for the rest of your life – on airplanes, in waiting rooms of all kinds, even just sitting by the phone waiting for a call.

    So I suggest starting right now to find ingenious ways to keep yourself entertained. What kind of things do you like to do? Writing? Reading? something that you can shove in your pocket? watching people and planning a short story about what you are seeing? imagining you are seeing a crime and trying to remember every detail about everything around you?

  3. kirsty on said:

    perhaps dont ask for full fat coke. ask for full fat irn bru!!!

  4. I sure do enjoy your guest blogs, Son of Sanstorm! Would a sketch pad and colored pencils be fun to take along? Draw things and people you see!

  5. Your Mum is a super meanie and needs sorting out. Since you HAVE to be at the cafe fairly regulary plan ahead; what do you enjoy doing, make sure you take that with you. If you forget, a fun game to play in your head is to make up silly stories about the people who are in the cafe with you. Get your Zmum
    Iff her phone and make her join in, she’ll have goid ideas too. Perhaps they are aliens in disguise or pirates on holiday? Maybe some of them would let their sons drink proper coke. You can tell you Mum this fun fact, sugary things do not make children hyperactive. It’s a myth, the kind of excuse parents make for their kids going mental when in fact they are just bored in a cafe with no phone to play on. Proper Coke does have eight spoonfuls of sugar per can so although it might not make you crazy it will rot your teeth.

  6. Do you think that he might become an attorney one day? He pleads his case very well, :).

  7. Dearest SOS:

    A very wise man (Abraham Lincoln) once said: The truly intelligent person is never truly bored.

    So you must’ve imagined it, eh?

    But just think how boring it might have been with all the extra energy from the full fat coursing through your system and having to sit there!


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