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Tango in the Night at the Bottom of a Loch

I am so happy the Daily Post has started their daily prompt again. Today’s is “What is the most precious thing you ever lost?” 

Come with me back in time to 1988…ish…

The thing I lost was my personal stereo. I think “the media” called them Walkmans. But we, having the non-Sony variety, called them Personal Stereos.

(Not my first personal stereo. It was a red CASIO one. EVERYONE got one for their Christmas in 1984 so we could take them on the Holland trip. Glasgow to Hull to Rotterdam to Valkenburg. On a bus. We were going to need personal stereos. And then they banned them. So we had to listen to Gordon the Bus driver and his “hits 2” album and his joke about the black knight with the white horse the red hemet and the yellow plume…)

It was my second personal stereo.

I was on a yachting holiday WAY up north on Loch Eport.

Hit this YouTube for the relevant background music 🙂

Tango In The Night

So, this girl asks to borrow my personal stereo. I think it was a SANYO. Or PANASONIC. It was white. It was a lot more clicky, clunky and substantial than the previous plasticky one. It might EVEN have had a record function. Or a radio. Whatever it was, it was substantially cooler.

And a few hours later, there is a SPLOSH and the personal stereo is reported as missing, down at the bottom of Loch Eport.

English: Loch Eport. Taken from close to what ...

English: Loch Eport. Taken from close to what then was the end of the road. North and South Lee in the background. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Some say, if you listen closely, you can still hear Fleetwood Mac…..

London Underground Poster - Personal Stereo

Anyway, so I forgave the girl immediately – I mean, there wasn’t a lot we could do. I just felt a bit sick about it being such a waste of a cool gadget. Looking back now, I am tempted to even use the word “ICONIC” it was so white and 80s.

Then, I never saw the girl again – but now she is a friend of a friend on fb and I so I messaged her with a friendly – Hey do you remember you dropped my personal stereo and fleetwood mac album over the side of a yacht once?  – and she dingied me! Harrumph.

Unless she forgot and it wasn’t a key life moment as much for her as it was for me and she just thought – “alarming! Random cyber stalker”…


Or maybe she thought I hadn’t forgiven her after all…

I have. *magnanimous shrug*

Maybe 80s historians will be less forgiving.


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5 thoughts on “Tango in the Night at the Bottom of a Loch

  1. Imagine Nessie getting a hold of it and listening to music, she might be enjoying it.

  2. Oddly enough, I was looking for Tango in the Night on my iPod the other day, and its not there… I have 6 Fleetwood Mac albums on my iPod, yet TITN is not among them. Weird.

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