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Frames of Reference

Open-air picture frame, set up as a reference ...

Open-air picture frame, set up as a reference to the beauty of the Allgäu landscape in the front of the highway chapel St.Gallus in Leutkirch, Germany. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Frames of Reference

“Of the multiplication of frameworks, there shall be no end”

R Barnett

So, you have your frame of reference.
Let me hold onto mine.

It is golden, with straight edges.
The colours ring true.
I can see a clear picture.

So, like, yours is pink…?
Rose tainted, I’d say.

And yours?
Out of all proportion.

You think mine’s too narrow?

It depends how far I hold it from the end of my nose.
Close up, I can see the universe through it.
If I put my head through,
All I see is truth.


Do you think I could step right through?

I take my rectangular hula hoop
Arms through, I shimmy,
Working it down
Until we’re grounded.

I step out
In faith
And lift it
With hope
As ever
There’s clarity.


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5 thoughts on “Frames of Reference

  1. I really like your frame of reference.

  2. Insightful. Thought provoking. Amen

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