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Embracing … various things

I am not one for physical contact… but I have been embracing various things 🙂

1. Embracing “holiday”.

I am not working this year, and so “holiday” is a kind of a, I don’t know, paradox? There’s a word here I can’t think of. Whatever the opposite of tautology is. And we are going nowhere, so it isn’t a holiday on that count either. But the children have a holiday from school, dancing, gymnastics and various other things – the net result being that I do not have to get up in the morning to go anywhere 🙂 Despite that, we have been going places and doing things. We just don’t have to be there for a certain time or to be back for a certain time either. And we don’t even need to eat dinner if we have had a completely enormous lunch 🙂

20121017-111001 PM.jpg

2. Embracing the zeitgeist.

It’s the first time the recession has been so immediate for me. We were passing JJB sports that has gone into liquidation and decided to have a look around. It was absolute chaos with hunners of Glaswegians trying on hunners of cheap trainers, queues of overheated shoppers and depressed looking staff. That was some amount of stock they were trying to shift. The shoppers were certainly doing their best. It’s an odd mix of being pleased you have a bargain while feeling sick that another company has gone bust :mrgreen:

20121017-111541 PM.jpg

3. Embracing the Scottish weather.

It’s October. It’s Scotland. And, it is 2012. All reasons why it is and should be raining like a rainy thing outside. Which it is. There is no point waiting for a dry day to do things. You just have to do them.

20121017-111035 PM.jpg

So we dressed for a rainy December and went out anyway – and when the sun came out, we were ready for it 🙂 Then tonight I was at training in proper torrential rain and it was great fun.

That’s all I am embracing for now. Tomorrow I am going on my Uni course that *might* try to get me to embrace my touchy-feely side…

They can try.



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4 thoughts on “Embracing … various things

  1. That was the best version of embrace hat I have read in a long time! Good for you and the little ones!

  2. Good for you! All of this embracing sounds like it’s good for you. 🙂

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