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Fibonacci Soup

Tilly Bud was extoling the joys of Cinquains recently, so I thought I’d give one a go. But I got sidetracked in Wikipedia at the concept of Fibonacci poetry… so here’s my first go.


Stock and vegetables;
Butternut squash, sweet potatoes
In addition, have potato and leek for a change.

20121012-101301 PM.jpg

So, it isn’t a cinqain. More of a septain, if that’s a thing. But I like the fibonacci idea. It could get really ridiculous after a few more lines 😆

Today I made both soups. I have a very limited soup repertoire. I also had some leek anxiety last week, but my facebook friends were able to answer my question: “How far up a leek should you use?”

The soup pictured above was of the “whole thing” variety, whereas today I made a batch using ASDA’s “trimmed leeks”, so it’s a little less… green…



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3 thoughts on “Fibonacci Soup

  1. Your soup looks so very delicious, nice and thick and hearty. I admire you and Tilly Bud’s talent for words and phrasing. It is a treat to read!

  2. Loved the poem. Soup looks yummy, but here in Sweden we tend to stick to the potatoes and leek (no such luxuries as sweet potatoes and butternut squash) And in a soup I always use the whole leek – I like green!

  3. Wow, that’s green!

    Loved the Fib poem. I love Fib poems. The difficulty is, as you go on, your poem has to be written sideways to fit it all on the paper.

    Don’t forget to give cinquains a go. You’ll love them.

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