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Prologue in the can

I have moved from planning to writing. Hurrah.

My book club last night were rebuking me for a lack of manuscript, so I thought I would forgo the cleaning of the upstairs bathroom today and get writing.

So I have written a scene from the main characters’ childhood that sets up/lightly sketches  their core foibles/relationship/conflict/flaws.

I also read through my whole plan – and it is alarming how much of it was in such “note” form that I wasn’t sure what I meant. So I’ll need to get on with the writing part, or make better notes.

I’ll have to do NaNoWriMo  to get the book done this year, so when I drop inexplicably out of the blogosphere for a longer spell, I hope that is where I have gone…

Am also thinking of crowd funding my novel by offering people a cameo in the book for a tenner 😉


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6 thoughts on “Prologue in the can

  1. That is an interesting idea, crowd funding a book. I relate to what you are feeling, I have to get back to my book but the everyday seems to get in the way. Have to get back to book need discipline. Sigh

    • sanstorm on said:

      You are much further ahead than me. And your trip to France and illness can’t have helped! I am sure you’ll get back to it 🙂

      • laurieanichols on said:

        I know I will, I still write it in my head. It helps having you to confess to and share frustrations and periods of not writing.

  2. Rickster on said:

    Not sure I’d want a role in this book. You see, you’d either merely use my name for a character who was otherwise unrelated to me, which would be odd, or you would try to use my characteristics in there, and then I’d get to see what you really think about my character and motivations, and I’m not sure I want that! Your view of me and my view of me are almost certainly different… ;o)

  3. Well done! Now keep at it!

    I like your crowd funding idea 🙂

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