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My battle with inadequate footwear continues

I am between shoes.

It has rained every day since… I mean, it has rained every day.

My Converses are no longer sufficient for the walk to school. Something more substantial was called for.

So, I invested in a pair of big black boots, using my Here’s-a-voucher-for-you-school-mum-having-conformed-to-the-world’s-standards-and-bought-multiple-pairs-of-Clarks-school-shoes-all-of-which-will-prove-to-be-no-match-for-either-the-weather-or-your-children’s-ever-growing-feet-before -first-term-is-out voucher.

And then it was sunny for two days.

Back to the Converses. (It’s too cold for my “WaveWalk” flip-flops…)

Meanwhile, I had a daft hoarder parent moment. The girls started ballet. I bought them ballet shoes. I then remembered that I had MY ballet shoes from when I was little. I had kept them, for, well, I had kept them.

I went into the attic, and there the were. Looking like ballet shoes. Worn out and a random size matching no one in the household and no use to man nor beast – but they were there.

20120904-104054 PM.jpg

So, now they are out of the attic. I kept them for thirty years.

But now I don’t know why…




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4 thoughts on “My battle with inadequate footwear continues

  1. Aww, that is so sweet. Rain and shoes sometimes don’t mix. Last year when it rained for what felt like forever, my Merrell’s took forever to dry out. I highly recommend them, they are fantastic in the cold, normal rain and hiking and everyday stuff. I hope that it will eventually dry out for you.

  2. Ah, you could wear the ballet slippers around the house when everything else is too damp or has floated away. You never know — they might make you feel like dancing . . .

    I often think about the good ol’ days, you know, before plastic and rubber shoes. What did people in Scotland do for shoes when it rained so constantly? Or even, what did they do anywhere? Hmm. I think wooden shoes did the job in Holland, but elsewhere? Oh, and in Japan they had wooden flipflops with risers underneath?

    My husband works outdoors and often has to deal with wet grass and bushes. He has leather boots that he soaks with some sort of oil and they do not let water in. Probably it used to be bear grease, though I think that is illegal, now. Probably stank, too. 😉

    • The ballet shoes are two sizes too small now… they are just sitting there… waiting to be tidied.
      I think the historic shoe solution was wood soles and leather, held on with straps of leather.

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