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Squats, and the Dinner Ticket poem

Not so much barbaric yawping this time. The squats are a more… cloak and dagger exercise. Insidious wee blighters.

So, you sit down as if there is a chair, but there isn’t. Then you stand up again. Then you sit once again on the invisible seat. And up. And down again. Squat, squat, squat, squat.

Apart from being a handy word for use in Scrabble, the squat is also helpful for sculpting ones legs and butt. Allegedly.

Squat, squat, squat, squat.

So we did the training session focusing on squats and felt… absolutely fine.

Two days later however, I was reminded of the poem “The Lament for a Lost Dinner Ticket” by Margaret Hamilton – in particular the line “MA BUMSAIR”.  I found the poem  here:

Lament For A Lost Dinner Ticket

Margaret Hamilton)

  • See ma mammy
    See ma dinner ticket
    A pitituma
    Pokit an she pititiny
    WashnmachineSee thou burnty
    Up wherra firewiz

    Ma mammy says Am no tellnyagain
    No’y playnit
    A jist wen’y eatma
    Pokacrisps furma dinner

    The wummin sed Aver near
    Jistur heednur
    Wee wellies sticknoot

    They sed Wot heppind?
    Nme’nma belly
    Na bedna hospital
    A sed A pititnma
    Pokit an she pititny

    They sed Ees thees chaild ebslootly
    Non verbal?
    A sed MA BUMSAIR
    Nwen’y sleep

If that makes no sense to you – here’s a wee girl reciting it on YouTube (which may or may not be enlightening):

Either way, the squats had resulted in something. So much so that I was giving a healthy yelp every time I stood up or sat down for the next 48 hours. I went back and another training session cured me – which is great in one respect – but it has the either upside or downside (I can’t decide) of inducing THE FEAR of missing a session.

Apart from the “MA BUMSAIR” quote, the other quote that is springing to mind is:

1 Timothy 4:8

New International Version (NIV)

For physical training is of some value, but godliness has value for all things, holding promise for both the present life and the life to come.

Interesting parallel, which I may revisit in due course.


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10 thoughts on “Squats, and the Dinner Ticket poem

  1. Squats TOTALLY work, especially if you do them weighted. For real “canny sit on the loo anymore” DOMS agony try Glute Bridges (worth it though).

  2. I did the yoga version of squats and you reminded me of the initial pain when it’s new and how working through more sessions makes the ouchies to go away. Good for you!!!

  3. It’s your fault! So last week I did some tentative push-ups , and now I’ve done the first 3 times 20 squats I’ve done in years. Do the sculpted legs come immediately? After all, I just waxed them, so it wouldn’t hurt if they woke up extra shapely already tomorrow.
    Loved the poem – but wouldn’t have understood a world without the infant interpreter 🙂

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