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An opportunity to partake in barbaric yawping

I sound my barbaric YAWP over the roofs of the world.”Walt Whitman

Tonight I did a fitness test. Every exercise seems easy enough when they describe it and then you start, merrily on your way, thinking “easy” and then suddenly you feel like vomiting 🙂 but in a good way.

Comedy moment of the night was when I was doing sit-ups like I have never done sit-ups before. The first ten were okay and then it all slowed down – then I discovered that if I sounded my barbaric yawp, it was fine 🙂

English: FORT MONROE, Va. (April 26, 2007) - M...

The only problem was that the last time I sounded my barbaric yawp I was in labour. I had a vivid flashback and then was consumed by a fit of the giggles.

All very liberating.


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3 thoughts on “An opportunity to partake in barbaric yawping

  1. That was funny, really funny!!!!!

  2. I’m surprised to discover how motivating your determination is in helping me stick to my own exercise regime.

    Thank you!

  3. I’m not that fond of sit-ups. However, they are good for you… Just don’t make me do them. LOL!

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