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There’s been quite a bit of space in the news recently : we make it to Mars and then the first man on the moon dies. I am so glad that Neil Armstrong came up with such a good one-liner when he bounced down the wee ladder.

Flag of the United States on American astronau...

Flag of the United States on American astronaut Neil Armstrong’s space suit (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Word of the week, globally, seems to be “legacy” – although usually in reference to the Olympics – but I was interested to hear that the legacy of the moon missions was conservationism. When we saw the world in it’s cosmic context, we were struck by its vulnerability and by necessity, ours.

Earth from Space

Earth from Space (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

In previous posts I have failed to see the point of space travel beyond the discovery of bacofoil – but I like that one.

Mars: Valles marineris

Mars: Valles marineris (Photo credit: Meredith Garstin)

The missions to Mars have been a lifelong irritation. It’s the guys they used to get on children’s telly to talk you through the build up – with computer generated simulations and models  – and then it always seemed to go phut. Always a bit of a non-event-cum-anti-climax at the end of the show when basically millions of poundsworth of kit have disappeared in a puff of , well, whatever gas the atmosphere is made up of. Assuming there is an atmosphere. Which I don’t know.

This time they have landed it. And we can see the ground on Mars. *fails to get excited*

The one space thing I DO like is the Cassini thing that takes very cool pictures. Very cool.
Saturn eclipse


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One thought on “Watch this space

  1. I was in Begles when they reported the Mars landing and the French were just as excited in Toulouse because they had been part of it since the beginning, so a lot of hugging and kissing on t.v. If it would keep conservationist on the top of the list as things to think about I’m all for it. Great picture of our planet. 🙂

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