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Whatever happened to my capacity to reflect?

I had so many thoughts in my head.

I was going to tackle Terry Sissons’ topic about death. (Have you visited her blog yet? Everything she says is fascinating and worth discussing, but so often my brain won’t stretch that far, especially in the face of a laundry mountain). I was going to seriealise my thoughts on my favourite bible verses. I was going to have Monday Profundity, Tuesday News-day, the Wednesday Weigh-In, Fiction Friday and a flurry of mini series – but, nearly a week into my new life pattern, nature has, as predictied, abhorred a vacuum.

Or, more accurately, nature has vacuumed the inside of my head, leaving not a thought to be thought. Or thought to a degree worth thinking.

I’m having “fun” though and have kept to all my SMART targets so far which equates to three 5ks, three training sessions in the park, one tip run and relative tidiness of some of the house.

The only target that has yet to be worked on is the 3000 words a week on the novel… but I put that down to THIS LAPTOP and its INABILITY TO WORK, STARTUP, FIND THE INTERNET, OPEN THE “RECOMMENDATIONS” BIT ON WORDPRESS….


Must do something about this laptop. *fetches axe*

Anyway, so, I feel a bit in flux, but in a good way.

I even have that smug endorphin thing going on. Hopefully I can ride the crest of that wave and find my reflective mode again. Otherwise you’ll end up with a lot of narrative.

And all that is going to be is running, training and making muffins with sunken chocolate chips.



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4 thoughts on “Whatever happened to my capacity to reflect?

  1. Debbie Sutherland on said:

    Is Thursday your day off then?

    • My whole year is a day off this year 🙂
      Having a career break until August 2013 when daughter#2 starts school.
      It will take a year to tidy the house. Literally.

  2. I don’t mind the commentary, I love it it’s very enjoyable. Congratulations on the running.

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