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In which I wish I wasn’t Velma and wish I was Daphne, or perhaps Annie Lennox…

My son and I were working away one one of his future blog posts – him speaking, me typing – and he hits out with: “You’re like Velma, typing away. Do you know the keys off by heart?”

He’s right. I totally am like Velma. I thought this haircut was just the same as the last one, but no, it turns out that I am a doppelganger for Velma Dinkley.

Maybe I should have gone for an Annie Lennox. I loved her entry at the Olympic closing ceremony. I thought to myself: “I must get myself a vampire pirate ship ” and only the very next day, did I happen upon one, sort of.

20120816-090248 PM.jpg

Anyway, with this new health and fitness regime, I was really hoping for more of a Daphne result than a Velma. I have, so far, perhaps overdone the exercise part.

Yesterday morning I did a 5k in lovely sunshine. 😀

Yesterday evening I did an hour of a very thorough workout in torrential rain, working parts of the body I never knew I had while doing press ups, planks, shuttle runs, froggy jumping, dodging piles of dog poo and skiting full length through puddles – Woosh! Afterwards I looked as if I had been dragged through a hedge backwards… well … um.. yes…

Every muscle in my body has made its presence felt today. It’s fine, as long as I don’t have to move…


Here’s hoping my trainers dry out before tomorrow.



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6 thoughts on “In which I wish I wasn’t Velma and wish I was Daphne, or perhaps Annie Lennox…

  1. I love Velma, Daphne annoyed me when I was younger, I thought that Velma deserved some love too not just Daphne. I admire your dedication, keep it up your heart will love you for it for a very long time. You rock girlfriend!

  2. Well done, but don’t overdo it!

  3. You had me laughing! 😀

  4. Annie Lennox looked amazing!

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