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Abhorring Vacuums

Tomorrow, assuming I wake up, I’ll wake up and not go to work. “What’s new?” I hear you ask yourself, “you’ve been doing nothing but going to see animals in captivity in various Scottish locations as far as I can see!”

But really, this is new. It will be Wednesday, then it will be Thursday, then it will be Friday. By the weekend I will have not gone to work thrice.

After a decade of moaning about not having enough time to function properly – here it is: the opportunity to get things done. So, the void left by the three days I am not working will be filled by many things, God willing, and here is one of my top-five lists of things to do this year:

  1. Get fit. Running, running, running – and as the Wombles used to say – “excerise is good for you; laziness is not.”
  2.  Get thin. *doesn’t eat a muffin*
  3. Operation Show Home” aka “Operation Holiday Home”. We are not moving and we are not getting a holiday home. But I want to pare down the amount of TOTAL JUNK in the house so that it feels like a show home to a visitor and has the simplicity and handiness of a holiday home for us. *tries to ignore skeptical looks from all around*
  4. In conjunction with the above I am going to the tip *cue Kathleen Jamie* EVERY WEEK until we have next to no possessions left, or thereabouts.
  5. Write the novel. I am figuring a mimimum of 3000 words a week gets me a first draft my March. So, any spare plots you have, please leave them below 😀

So, the pressure is on. Accomplish, accomplish, accomplish.

Nevertheless, living in grace.

Must re-read “the wife of noble character“…


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9 thoughts on “Abhorring Vacuums

  1. You have the right attitude, I loved your mini series on the wife of noble character. Writing your novel will definitely fill up your days and your idea for making your home a show home is inspirational. I look forward to the blow by blow of everything that you are accomplishing.:)

  2. you can do it~and you have inspired me today as well 🙂

  3. We had a cat who abhored our vaccum. Or do you call it an aspirator? 🙂
    Actually, you have heaped conviction upon me, friend, and I hope I can learn from you!

    • We used to call it a hoover, then a dyson. But deep down we know it is a vacuum. Although my favourite is the alleged Norwegian for it which is “stoor souker” – and in scots dust is stoor and we pronounce suck “sook”, so that one makes sense.

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