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Ever had anything quashed or stripped?

Newspeak hovers not far from here – let us savour every nuance that the language can offer.

Firstly “quashed”. We hear this word almost every week – someone has their “conviction quashed”. But do we ever hear of anything else getting quashed?

In a way, I like it. “Quashed”. Like “squashed” but with a hint of “quenched”, or something, somehow…  So when the convict find themselves free and breathing the air of life outside prison, they can say, “Ah yes, my convition was quashed”, and in their mind, their conviction is squashed and their thirst for freedom is quenched, or something.

Quash, quash, quash.

On the other hand, sometimes you get a context that invites a word that is used in a multitude of other contexts and has a hareem of synonyms – and yet is always, pretty much, the word picked for that context.

“He was stripped of his gold medal.”

Why “stripped”?An image of someone pulling it down off their neck like someone yanking some old wallpaper down. It sounds painful, as if they are being skinned, almost. But why “stripped” for a medal every time? Or do they use other words?

Why not have a medal quashed and a conviction stripped?



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13 thoughts on “Ever had anything quashed or stripped?

  1. Yeah, why not the medal quashed and the conviction stripped? Is it because in the military, when they stripped you of your rank they ripped off the stripes from the uniform? Stripes/stripped, I don’t know.

  2. Scotstig on said:

    Where does that leave “admonished”?

    • I’ve no idea. I never can get my mind to settle on the meaning of that. It’s either you are being told off for something or let off with something. Can never remember, let alone use it in a context of my own!

  3. “Quash” always reminds me of the sound of eating corn flakes.
    quash, quash, quash

  4. A conviction is “quashed” because it is the right thing to do; for whatever reason, the conviction cannot stand. An athlete is “stripped” of their medal because they have somehow achieved it in circumstances where they should not (doping or some other rule infringement) and an element of shame attaches

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