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Measure for Measure

Taking a Dive

I’m about to watch the diving, so this poem is not based on fact as it hasn’t happened yet. Anyway, here’s my poem;

Taking a Dive

Toned torso,
Taught tum,
Tiny trunks,
Tight tucks,

Tricky turns,
Tidy techniques…

A vertical entry
Should be elementary;
I’m over-rotating!
It’s live to the nation!


White spray..
Legs splay…
Shaken head…
Certain dread…

I pull from the pool,
Speedos in place,
I give them a check
You never know, just in case…

But who needs a medal?
I tell you the truth
It’s a victory
Just to have
Abs like Velutha.

The relevant quote from “The god of small things” by Arundhati Roy.

She saw the ridges of muscle on Velutha’s stomach grow taught and rise under his skin like the divisions on a slab of chocolate. She wondered at how his body had changed – so quietly, from a flat-muscled boy’s body into a man’s body. Contoured and hard. A swimmer’s body. A swimmer-carpenter’s body. Polished with a high-wax body polish.He had high cheekbones and a white, sudden smile.” (8.80-81)


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9 thoughts on “Taking a Dive

  1. So you’re purely enjoying the diving for the athleticism and nothing to do with any secondary benefits re: aesthetics ?

  2. I had a smile on my face the whole time that I was reading it!

  3. I enjoyed this poem. Now to find my own abs… post-holiday exercise begins tomorrow!!

  4. Darlin’, it’s okay to admit liking abs! 😆 😳

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