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Guest Blogger: “I don’t see the point in the Olympics; It just makes famous people tired…”

Guest Blogger: Son of Sanstorm. My son (8) was a bit short of cash, so we did a deal. He has agreed to blog for me today. 

Olympics. I don’t see the point. It just makes famous people tired.  And why give away all that gold, silver and bronze? Why don’t they just keep it?

And the Olympics happens every FOUR YEARS. Next time the Olympics happen I’ll be in S1 and my sisters will be in Primary 4 and Primary 6.

Everyone else is really excited about the Olympics and I just don’t get the point. The point is to glue everyone’s eyes to the TV and I am just left playing by myself. Well, I don’t really play, I am just very bored so I normally ask my mum and dad what to do but they don’t answer  – and tell me to be quiet because of the Olympics.

I saw the opening ceremony of the Olympics and I don’t see why they use so much effect ’cause it would cost loads of money and all it does is the two points I’ve already said. The only part I liked about it is the bit about children’s fantasy because you saw Voldemort, the Child Catcher from Chitty Chitty Bang Bang and Peter Pan.

I have watched a little bit of swimming and tennis. Today at a meal I heard that one guy yesterday fell off the diving board. I think it would be quite funny but it might also hurt a little bit.

I think I would be good at gymnastics, hurdles and basketball.

I only know one competitor’s name. He is called Usain Bolt. He is the fastest man in the world and is competing in the Olympics.

The Olympics has affected my life a lot this week because almost all my friends, my parents and almost everyone else in the whole world is watching the Olympics, but me. And also my mum, because she is glued to the TV, can’t do any shopping, so we always have a really, really, really, crap lunch. Some salmon, and pepper and a sandwich – I’d rather have a toastie or pizza.

I think we have got sixteen gold medals, thirty-six bronze and fifteen silver and we are third, USA second and China is first. Sometimes I call myself British and sometimes I call myself Scottish, but I don’t mind. I don’t really mind who wins because I don’t really see the point in it.

My mum is totally fat but she wants to get thin over the autumn by doing a marathon every day, practically. I just think she is going to stay fat because I’ve never seen her thin in my whole life that I can remember. I think my mum would not be good at hurdles, boxing, netball or gymnastics.

Imagine her doing gymnastics: helplessly hanging from the high bar, looking like a fat blob…

After the Olympics I am looking forward to using my new schoolbag and pencil case in P5.



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15 thoughts on “Guest Blogger: “I don’t see the point in the Olympics; It just makes famous people tired…”

  1. I can see that you definitely have an opinionated young man in your household who made me laugh because at the dinner table the conversation amongst the adults was going in the same direction. You aren’t fat I saw you in your picture and you aren’t who needs to do hurdles anyway?

  2. From the mouth of children … Give the lad a pizza so that you can in good conscience remain glued to the telly!

  3. Dear Son of Sanstorm
    Never ever call a female fat. Never. Ever.
    A friend.

    P.S. From which parent did he inherit his tact?

  4. Oh, in my own defence, everyone … He is exaggerating!!

  5. Dear Son of Sanstorm:
    Tell your mama to send you to the very middle of the USA. I will cook you scratch pizza (that’s pizza made from flour and yeast and tomato sauce and sausage, etc., NOT from a drive-through), and any other food you want except that stuffed animal thingy you wouldn’t be able to find here anyway.
    AND since you are, like me, unamused with the Olympics (you’re not the only one, see?) I will also let you help me eradicate the tomato weed from my 105F-degree garden (that’s 42 C degrees.) Tomato weed is similar to a tomato plant with 1 c toxic, razor-sharp thorns. Just ask anyone who lives here. You’ll need leather gloves and those dorky kneeling pads that contractors wear when they lay tile. And a large, ventilated hat. And one of those battery operated personal fans. I’ll supply the sunscreen and other things that don’t fly well.
    But we’ll have pizza, by George. (Sans: Omit if that’s blasphemy!)
    I promise.

    • SOS: “yass! I hate haggis! One pizza? Go to America for one pizza? ;-)”

      • SOS: I said “pizza”. It’s sort of a collective noun, like “spaghetti” — you would not expect one strand of pasta if I served spaghetti, right? I also said, “and any other food you want . . . ” Ah, well, although I am rather elderly, I love pizza even for breakfast, but I also make a mean pancake! And I really do not like pulling tomato weed alone in the heat. 😎

    • SOS: “One of every single meal then. Hmm. Go to America for every single meal. One of every single meal.

      Thanks Katharine, he is now imagining a lot of food, so he’s happy 😉

      He has just stayed up late to watch Usain Bolt win the 200m also 😉

  6. Hehe! The Olympics not having the desired effect on all our youth, I see.

    Great post 🙂

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